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Hangzhou Boiler Group (hereinafter referred to as HBG) is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group mainly engaged in boiler, pressure vessel, environmental protection & new energy equipment and other products with R & D, production, sales, consulting, installation and other engineering services.

The predecessor is the Hangzhou Boiler Factory, founded in 1955.On January 10, 2011 HBG successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock referred to as "Hangzhou Boiler shares, trading code"002534".

The area of HBG is 560,000 square meters. The registered capital is RMB 739,265,850. The existing employees are more than 2,000includingover 500professional and technical personnel. As a member of the Top 100 Enterprises of Chinese Machinery Industry, HBG is also granted as the National CAD Application Engineering Demonstration Enterprise, National Waste Heat Boiler and Coal-water Slurry Boiler Research, Development and Manufacturing Base, High-tech Enterprises, and Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Base. The Technology Center of HBG was named as the National Enterprise Technology Center. 

From 2002 to now, relying on powerful strength, HBG is expanding the domestic market and actively developing overseas markets, products have been exported to the United States, Japan, Thailand, India, Brazil and other countries. Solid steps towards internationalization has been taken by HBG.

All along, Hangzhou Boiler Group implements energy saving ideas, fully integrates all resources, persists in green development path for China's energy saving and makes duecontributions.HBG will continue to shoulder the mission of "create value for customers, conserve resources for society, improve the environment for human", and strive to become a leader in waste heat utilization technology, a promoter of energy conservation and emission reduction, a practitioner of enterprise transformation and upgrading, and a pursuer of technology progress and innovation, to be the world's leading supplier of the products & solution of energy-saving, environmental protection and energy utilization.