lc1.jpgIn 1955,Hangzhou Boiler Works (HBW) was founded at DongPo Road 59.
lc3.jpgIn 1958,HBW moved to Datieguan.Since then,the factory of 240000 m2 atDongxin Road  245 was built.
lc3.jpgIn 1979,National HRSG institution was founded in HBW.
lc5.jpgIn 2001,through the ESOP,HBW completed the first restructuring.Then Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd.(HBG) was founded.
lc5.jpgIn 2002,HBG formally joined XIZI UHC. Opened a prelude to the rapid development of Hangzhou of Hangzhou Boiler.
lc6.jpgIn Sep of 2007,the company passed the third restructuring.Hangzhou Boiler Group Co.,Ltd.(incorpo-rated) was established.
lc6.jpgIn 2008,Dingqiao factory opened.
lc8.jpgIn 2010,Chongxian Factory opened.
lc8.jpgOn January 10th,2011,the company issued stock in Shenzhen Stock Exchange(exchange code 002534),listing and trading successfully.
lc9.jpgIn 2013,The headquarters of HBG finally move to Dingqiao town,Hangzhou city,and  started new ERA at new Headquarters of Dingqiao town.