R&D Team

The Technical Centre was setup in 1994, and became the first batch who got the Provincial-level Technical Centre of Zhejiang Province. Technical Centre consists of Central Office, Product Development Dept., Standardization Office, Procedure Dept., Metal Material Laboratory, Industrial Boiler Sub-centre, General Equipment Sub-centre, New Century Environmental Protection Energy Sub-centre and etc.. Furthermore, the Centre had established long-term cooperation in different forms with international and domestic famous university and research institute, such as Zhejiang University Thermal Power Engineering Research Institute, Xi’an Jiaotong University Boiler Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Engineering Thermophysics Research Institute, China Jiliang University, which make the contribution for the further development of creation work. 

At present, the Technical Centre has 223 R&D technical personnel, including 3 Professor Engineers, 75 Senior Engineers and Masters, 91 Engineers, which are 15% of the total company employees. The heat recovery boiler research institute, belonged to the Centre, who is fully responsible for the national heat recovery boiler industry management, mainly concerning about organizing related research institutes and factories of Metallurgy, Petrochemical, Machinery, Light Industry, Cement and Refuse Disposal industry to carry out heat recovery boiler Industrial standardization, as well as responsible for “scientific and technological information network of national heat recovery boiler and waste heat utilization equipment” and the editing and publishing of the professional publications “Heat Recovery Boiler”. Till now, it had completed 5 related heat recovery boiler National Standards and 14 Industrial Standard’s (JB) amendments. In 2008, our company had drafted and edited 4 national standards, one of them had submitted to Standardization Administration of PRC for approval, and 3 had finalized and experts’ review is undergoing. 

Company's main products are divided into seven major categories: 

1. Refuse Incineration Boiler;

2. Gas-Steam Combined Cycle gas turbine heat recovery boiler (HRSG);

3. Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler (CFB); 

4. ≧300MW thermal power plant Auxiliary Equipment(including Nuclear Power Utility Auxiliary Equipment); 

5. Metallurgic Heat Recovery Boiler (Sintering Machine, CDQ);

6. Building Material Industry(Cement Kilns Heat Recovery Boiler);

7. ≦150MW Power Plant Boiler.

In addition to 9F HRSG and large-scale power station auxiliary equipment is to cooperate with foreign countries, the others are all our own intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, for Refuse Incineration Boiler,9E HRSG,Sintering Machine,CDQ and Cement Kilns Heat Recovery Boiler , we possess the patent certificate and software register certificate.