R&D Platform

As a large national HRSG research and new product development base, Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd has always focused on the product research and development; and with the combination of development demand and product features, the company can provide various specialized project soft wares.

1. Computer assisting design software


1.I Two-dimension and three-dimension design software by DEAS American SDRC

The I-DEAS Drafting of American SDRC (EDS) is the company dominant two-dimension drawing software, and such software has been largely imported during the period of 1996-1998 when “the national CAD model project is implemented.”, and such software has successfully developed Drafting drawing environment (GLCAD)The successful application of such software has enabled the company’s design personnel to greatly improve the drawing quality and drawing efficiencies and has made the company’s CAD drawing preparation rate reach 100%.


2.Factory design software platform by American Bentley

The Microstation is a two-dimension and three-dimension combined drawing design platform provided by American Bentley, and it is another company’s two-dimension drawing software. The effective drawing and cartoon advantage of such software can be used to build up three-dimension modulus and make effect drawing treatment for various company products. At present, the import and application of Bentley series factory design software have achieved stage effect, and the software design platform has been widely used by the company departments and subsidiary companies. The factory design software system can be used for design and construction drawing plotting for the pipelines and supports of 9F/9E gas turbine HRSG, and the pipeline stress calculation result can be taken as the interface data for design institute and users. The application of Bentley series software can establish working flow for three-dimension designs, establish working platforms and improve the product design efficiency and quality.

2.Boiler performance calculation software


1.Thermal power calculation software by American Hybrid

The Hybird is the gas turbine HRSG performance calculation software imported from American N/E, and such software can be used for HRSG thermal power calculation, steam water resistance calculation, flue gas resistance calculation and working condition calculations. At present, such software has been widely used in the company’s HRSG designs and checking calculations.


2.Calculation software package for power plant design and performance by American ThermoFlow

In 2005, the company has purchased power plant design and performance calculation software package from American ThermoFlow. The Theromoflow software includes gas turbine GT series product and conventional fossil-fired power generation STEAM series product, and such software is mainly used for heat balance calculation, power plant running optimization, expansion construction of power plant, power plant expense calculations and economic analysis.
The Thermoflow software package includes the following key modulus:
 GT PRO/GT MASTER: used for gas turbine power plant circulation;
 STEAM PRO/STEAM MASTER: used for regular steam power plant;
 PDE(Plant Design Expert),i.e. power plant design expert;
 PEACE (Plant Engineering And Construction Estimator),used for customer calculations for equipment design, price and working time when making calculations of heat balance;
 THERMOFLEX,can only provide component models. The power plant model should be provided by the users.


3. General boiler thermal power calculation procedure developed by chemical equipment research institute of Zhejiang University

The BESS(Boiler Engineering Simulation System) is the general boiler thermal power calculation procedure developed by chemical equipment research institute of Zhejiang University, and such procedure includes function modulus in respect of thermal power calculation, flue gas resistance calculation and steam water resistance calculation. The BESS is the general boiler thermal power calculation software and it is mainly used for boiler thermal power calculations except for HRSG.