Technical Monopoly
ItemApplication NO.DescriptionTypeAuthorization Date
1ZL02111455.2Refuse Incineration BoilerInvention PatentAug. 18th, 2004
2ZL200620102285.0Flexible Stick Shaker for Rapping Ash Cleaning quipmentUtility modelDec. 6th, 2006
3ZL200620102284.6Locking Device for Rapping Ash Cleaning EquipmentUtility modelFeb. 12th, 2007
4ZL200620102501.1Flexible sealing Device for  Rapping Ash Cleaning          EquipmentUtility modelFeb. 21st, 2007
5ZL200620105100.1Gas Purifying Facility for  Refuse Incineration BoilerUtility modelAug. 29th, 2007
6ZL200620106520.1Fuel Layer Tunableness Type Two-section Refuse Incineration           BoilerUtility modelAug. 22nd, 2007
7ZL 200620106521.6Fuel Height Adjustment for  Refuse Incineration Boiler Fuel          layerUtility modelAug. 22nd, 2007
8ZL 200620106519.9Fuel Layer Tunableness Type  Reverse Refuse Incineration           BoilerUtility modelAug. 29th, 2007
9ZL200610052126.9Gas Purifying Facility for  Refuse Incineration BoilerInvention PatentOct. 1st, 2008
10ZL200720303493.1Stack Damper ActuatorUtility modelNov. 12th, 2008
11ZL200720303494.6Superheating BoilerUtility modelNov. 12th, 2008
12ZL200720192822.XMechanical Compensator for Boiler StockerUtility modelNov. 5th, 2008
13ZL200720303492.7Stack Damper for Tee Gas DuctUtility modelDec. 31st, 2008
14ZL200710067452.1Method and Device for Heat Recovery of GasInvention PatentJan. 21st, 2009
15ZL200820086999.6Admission Turbines HRSG System for Dual-Pressure Boiler of          High-effective Sintering MachineUtility modelFeb. 25th, 2009
16ZL200610050150.9Rapping Ash Cleaning Device for Heat Recovery BoilerInvention PatentJul. 22nd, 2009
17200710164660.3Dual-Pressure CDQ Heat Recovery BoilerInvention PatentJul. 9th, 2009
182009SR014329Thermo Design Software for HRSGComputer Software CopyrightApr. 9th, 2009