• Biomass Boiler


    With more than 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and operation of circulating fluidized bed boilers, Hangzhou Boiler Group developed a circulating fluidized bed boiler that burns agricultural and forestry wastes, wastes from paper mills and other biomass in 2006. After years of research and development and improvement, the biomass boiler with medium temperature combustion and low-temperature separation technology independently developed by Hangzhou Boiler Group was successfully

  • gas-fired boiler


    The L-type gas-fired boiler of Hangzhou Boiler Group is a single-drum natural circulation, self-supporting boiler. With ultra-low emission, low load (2%-5%) hot standby and quick start, it occupies a small area and is easy to maintain.

    The 35t/h-300t/h product series are widely used in the power and chemical industries. So far, more than 20 L-type gas-fired boilers have been delivered to provide customers with clean energy while also meeting the requirements of complex process conditio

  • Solar thermal power generation


    In 2011, the company began to devote itself to the research and development of CSP systems. The heat collection system and heat storage and exchange system designed and supplied by Hangzhou Boiler Group were successfully put into operation in Delingha, Qinghai in July 2013, which is the first in my country. Set of CSP projects put into commercial operation. In 2017, Hangzhou Boiler successively won the first batch of national CSP demonstration projects such as Zhongkong Delingha Phase II 50MW, Luneng Haixizhou 50MW, Xikan Institute Gonghe 50MW, etc. The heat absorber and heat exchange designed and supplied by Hangzhou Boiler The equipment such as the heat storage and heat exchange platform system has been successively delivered to various projects.

  • Dehydrogenation heat recovery steam generator


    In 2012, Hangzhou Boiler Group signed a contract with Ningbo Haiyue New Material Co., Ltd to provide HRSGs for the 600,000t/a propane dehydrogenation unit, which marks the company's first entry into the dehydrogenation industry and successful realization of the localization of the equipment.

  • Hangzhou Boiler Group Gas-steam Combined Circulation HRSG


    Hangzhou Boiler Group is the earliest manufacturer engaged in the design and research and development of waste heat boilers in China. The first domestically produced 9H, 9F, 9E, 6F and 6B waste heat boilers were all produced by Hangzhou Boiler Group. The company has won two National Science and Technology Progress Award, and has acquired 35 patents for utility models, 14 invention patents, 3 software copyrights, and more than 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

  • Waste Heat Boiler for Waste Incineration


    Hangzhou Boiler Group is the earliest manufacturer in China to develop waste heat boilers for waste incineration. It has nearly 30 years of experience since the early 1990s. By the end of 2019, Hangzhou Boiler Group has been supplying more than 300 sets of waste incineration boilers. The products have been sold all over the country and have been sold to overseas markets as well. Its market share ranks first in the world and first in China. At the same time, Hangzhou Boiler Group is also China’s

  • HP Heater


    HP heater is one of the most critical equipment in power plant reheating system. HBG possesses of superior design and manufacture ability of HP heater for 12MW-1600MW sub-critical, super-critical, ultra-super-critical thermal power plant and nuclear power unit with the following types: vertical, inverted vertical, horizontal and header-type. HBG has sold hundreds of units to all areas through out China, and been awarded Excellent Scientific Achievement Prize by State Economic and Trade Committee

  • LP feedwater heater


    Based on the technology introduced from ALSTOM, depending on independent research and innovation, HBG developed advanced design and manufacture technology of LP heater for 12MW-1450MW sub-critical, super-critical and ultra-super-critical thermal power plant and nuclear power plant conventional island, including vertical, inverted vertical, horizontal and header type.LP heater for Ling’ao Nuclear Power Plant