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Coke Dry Quenching Heat Recovery Boiler


Coke dry quenching is the advanced coke manufacturing technology which improves coke quality and also reduces environment pollution at mean time. Coke dry quenching heat recovery boiler is the very necessary equipment in the coke dry quenching system, it can satisfy the demand of steam and electricity-generating of steel company.

In 1989, HBG designed and manufactured first 125t/h CDQ heat recovery boiler, then HBG successfully manufactured 75~150t/h CDQ heat recovery boiler for Jinan Steel, Anshan Steel, Taiyuan Steel based on Middle temperature Middle pressure CDQ heat recovery boiler. Also cooperated with Japan Nippon Steel, developed natural circulation high temperature high pressure CDQ heat recovery boiler, and increased the heat recovery efficiency greatly. Till August 2008, HBG have sold and manufactured 43 units, HBG is the domestic biggest CDQ heat recovery boiler manufactory.

75t/h CDQ boiler for Ji Steel

75t/h CDQ boiler for Bao Steel

140t/h CDQ boiler for An steel