Converter heat recovery boiler


Converter heat recovery boiler recovers heat from high temperature flue gas of oxygen-blown converter. Normally it is evaporation cooling duct structure, including hood, sliding sleeve, fixed sleeve, etc.

HBG has supplied 250t/h converter heat recovery boiler for Baosteel phase II in 1990’s, and it is working well till now. Since then HBG supplied variant capacity of 180-340t/h converters heat recovery boilers to Baosteel, Ansteel, and Taisteel. Cooperated with KAWASAKI (KHI), HBG supplied 340T OG converter heat recovery boiler to Nippon steel Oita works, which adopt Japanese OG method, which is the largest OC converter heat recovery boiler in the world. Till August 2008, HBG has provided 41 units of converter heat recovery boilers, and exported to Nippon Steel Corporation, JP STEEL PLANTECH CO, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., etc. It is the first time that Chinese company can export such complicated heat recovery device to developed country.

Aiming at low efficiency and high waste on electricity generated by saturated steam from converter heat recovery, HBG has developed new product-converter heat recovery superheated steam boiler, the efficiency is more than twice as generated by equivalent saturated steam.

180t/h converter boiler for Sha Steel

180t/h converter boiler for Tai Steel

210t/h converter boiler exported to Japan

250t/h converter for Baosteel phase II