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Sintering machine Heat Recovery Boiler


The first domestic large-scale sintering machine heat recovery boiler with capacity of 45t/h and steam temperature of 270℃ is developed, manufactured by HBG, already installed at Shanghai Bao Steel.

In order for better recovery heat, lower cost and higher efficiency for steel company, HBG has developed sintering machine power generating system with 100% bypass system through 3 years developing, obtained the breakthrough of sintering heat recovery technology, applied invention patent of “method and device for utilization of flue gas heat recovery ”, gotten great harvest.

This technology fully utilizes the different grade of flue gas, adopts two passes of flue gas with different temperature entered into boiler through different flue gas ducts, effectively utilizes the high temperature flue gas (the increased utilization rate will be approximate 2%); energy is stepped recovered by double pressure steam system(the heat recovery utilization rate will increase by approximate 7.5%) with self-deaerator, the exhaust flue gas is returned to the inlet of loop cooler. These two advanced technologies could increase electricity generation by approximate 9%.

This achievement was applied to 2 units of 360m2 sintering loop-cooling flue gas heat recovery power generating project, which cooperative invested and constructed with Handan Iron and Steel Group, this project adopted BOT management mode, electricity generation can be 0.208 billion MW•H with 1,088,000 tons of recovered steam each year; energy saving can be 0.044 MTCE (million tons standard coal energy) with 80,000 tons of CO2 and 70,400 tons of soot (mainly magnetite sand) emission reduction each year, and also hot air, dust can be reduced 100,000 tons each year.