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BFG boiler


BFG is a kind of low caloric and explosive gas fuel with low combustible content, high ignition point, low burning temperature and high explosion concentration. BFG boiler is another lightspot product of HBG. Nowadays, after conquered the above problems step by step, blast furnace gas, converter oven gas, coke gas can be used as the firing fuel which are applicable for both mixed and unmixed burning type of a series of product in the range of 75t/h –260 t/h. Moreover, the 220t/h BFG boiler won the First prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award, and National Metallurgic Technology award issued by National Association of Iron-steel Industry. 

Shanghai Wei Steel 220t/h BFG boiler is the first boiler island project undertaken by HBG. After that, HBG obtained great success in industrial power plant of large-size steelworks, such as Ma-Anshan steel works, An steel work, Nanjing steel work, Shandong Rizhao steel works etc. This boiler is capable of peak adjustment under basic and varying load, can adapt to the instable characteristic (eg. heat value, pressure, flow rate) of fuel gas like blast furnace gas, and has favorable adjusting performance under varying cases. The type of boiler is widely applied in metallurgic industrial field with around 65 units of sales performance till now.

Bao Steel 135t/h BFG boiler

Shandong Rizhao 220t/h BFG boiler

Sha Steel 220t/h BFG boiler

Shanghai Ma-steel 220t/h BFG boiler

Shanghai Wei-steel 220t/h BFG boiler