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Large-scale Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler (CFB)


After successful developing of 130t/h~150t/h CFB by HBG in 2001, the CFB technology begins to advance rapidly. It steps from intermediate temperature and pressure, sub-high temperature and  pressure to high temperature and pressure, and super-high pressure reheating unit, which covers all series of product with different capacity such as 35t/h, 75t/h, 130t/h, 220t/h, and 440t/h. It can apply to different kinds of coal, such as gangue, anthracite, bituminous, petroleum coke. At the same time, HBG launched boiler island Turn-key business with a significant breakthrough through four boiler island contracts in Thailand and Vietnam, among which three of them are the most difficult units for coal and bio-mass fuel mixture combustion, fulfilled the combined combustion of paper pulp, waste residue and tree bark.

410t/h CFB boiler for SINOPEC ZRCC (Zhenhai Refining & chemical company)

Zhejiang Shangyu 130t/h CFB boiler

Zhejiang Shenzhou 130t/h CFB boiler

Jiaxing Henghua thermoelectricity 130t/h CFB boiler

Thailand PPPC 130t/h CFB boiler island

Thailand SKIC 130t/h CFB boiler island

Henan Ye county 440t/h CFB boiler