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pure refuse incineration boiler (two-section reciprocating grate) and CFB refus


HBG is continuously dedicating to the development of the environment- protection industry, especially to the exploitation of refuse incineration, HBG has been the leading manufacturer of the municipal waste incineration boiler by top independent development capability in China. HBG also possesses CFB combustion and two-section reciprocating grate technology which has been listed in the “Plan of National 863”.  

Besides of the unique technology of the refuse incineration, HBG also possesses the advanced technology of the flue gas treatment. HBG has also tackled the key problems of refuse incineration technology and can supply the whole core equipment.

In the recent five years, HBG has been awarded 45 sets of the refuse incineration boilers by using Two-Section Reciprocating Grate Technology, including the Taicang refuse power plant, Yixing refuse power plant and so on, the total processing capacity is up to 13125T per day.

By applying CFB combustion technology, Refuse Incineration Boiler could be optimized by simply structure, low cost, convenient operation, fluidization of refuse and coal combined firing, and better incineration performance with a bright future market. HBG fabricated and sold 17 units with total processing capacity of nearly 3500 ton/day. At the same time, refuse incineration boiler applying two-section reciprocating grate technology has passed the national reviewing and acceptance test, successfully got the National Invention Patent Certificate, National Key New Product Certificate and National Environment-friendly Product Certificate, and obtained the second prize of National Progress in Mechanical Industry Award, second prize of Zhejiang Provincial Progress in Science and Technology Award. 

HBG again fulfilled the breakthrough of refuse incineration boiler upsizing, obtained the Eleventh Five-year National Science and Technology Support Plan i.e. “Research of large-scale refuse incineration power generating technology and secondary pollution control integrated and key equipment”.  

HBG is continuous offering effort for advocating Green Life, and reached a glorious achievement all over the China. 

Hangzhou Binjiang 150t/d refuse incineration boiler

Jiangsu Yixing 250t/d refuse incineration boiler

Jiangsu Taicang 250t/d refuse incineration boiler

Wenzhou Linjiang 225t/d refuse incineration boiler

Hangzhou Qiaosi 300t/d refuse incineration boiler

Guangzhou Likeng 450t/d refuse incineration boiler