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coal chemical industry


As the largest HRSG R&D and manufacture base in China, HBG is always top-ranking for design and manufacturing of waste heat boiler, especially for the HRSGs with complicated structure and difficult fabrication.

HBG also has strong design and manufacturing experience in gasifier, waste heat boilers, radiate /convection waste heat boilers, cooling tower, methanol synthetic reactor and other chemical container of coal chemical industry field, and CCPP flied as well.

HBG designed and manufactured one unit of hot water saturation tower for Jiangxi Second chemical factory in 1992 with diameter of 3 meters and length up to 32 meters. 

In 2006, HBG entered into an agreement with Hang Zhou Linda chemical company, for the supply of 180000T/YEAR methanol synthetic reactor shell with diameter 3.4M, thickness 138mm, length 10m, loading capacity 12Mpa and total weight 180 ton.

In early 2006, HBG commenced IGCC pre-stage research, mainly focused on gasifier/waste heat boiler of gasifier island module and GT&ST combined cycle equipment of GT island module. HBG has actively involved in several IGCC and coal chemical projects so far, and set up comprehensive communication with Xi’an Thermotechnical Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, SINOPEC(Nanjing) Institute, ECUST East China University of Science and Technology and Chemical Engineering Design Institute. The new plant dedicated to heavy chemical equipment is now under construction. 

Internal of gasifier


IGCC flow chart