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we would like to ask if you are interested in submitting quotation for condenser pkg. Please contact me for more details or let me know the proper contact point for further communication. Thank you.

(the phone number is invalid because my p/number is not available in your website.)
We have received 2(Two) authorization letters in favor of 2(Two) different bidders against a tender for Procuring ORIGINAL product of your company. (Invitation for Tender No. 27.11.0000.304.20.330.19 DATED – 13/11/2019 for Procurement of Spares for WTP-1 of Unit-01 of Fenchuganj CCPP, BPDB, Fenchuganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh). Therefore, we need to authenticate the authorization letters so that ORIGINAL product of your company could be supplied.

Please provide an email address so that we can send those authorization letters for your authentication.

N.B.: This inquiry has been sent from Bangladesh, which is a country situated outside of China. Therefore a dummy phone number has been entered to complete the online form only, whereas the correct Phone number is +8801730356035
Here at Hatch, we are in the process of updating our supplier contacts, and would like to hear back from you.
Could you please provide us with the following information for your sales contact:
- Last Name
- First Name
- Phone (+ extension)
- E-mail address
- Position
- Department
- Company Name
- Website
- Company Address
- Postal Code
It would only take 2 minutes of your time. After we receive it back from you, we will update our system and send you a link to login into it
Dear Sir/Madam,

Request for HRSG Proposal for our Project in Uzbekistan.
Please share the e-mail address for the responsible person to whom we can share our RFQ for 2 Numbers HRSG for J Class Gas Turbines.

With Regards,
Devinder Kumar Yadav
+998 990054916
Dear Sir,
We are Nhat Quang services trading company. We would like to purchase the product: Thermometer - Hangzhou Boiler group co.,ltd
Please send us your email address. We will send drawing details to you later.
Look forward to hearing from you soon
Thanks and Best Regards
We have required the Steam drums gaskots . Kindly reply on my email.
Dear Sir.

How are you?

My name is Mr. Carlos Gomes and I am Brazilian.

I saw some videos about waste treatment project plant and saw Hangzhou New Century Energy Environmental Protection Co., Ltd and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chem
Good day my name is Fabian Chacon, from Colombia, I have the opportunity to win a project with Petro Peru, but I need a Deaerator, with the specifications of the attached data sheet.

My company would take care of transportation.

I have the opportunity to send the proposal until 11 AM Colombia.

It is really, if you have the best economic proposal, we won that business.
To whom it may concern:

We are the leading Municipal Solid Waste Management company in Turkey operating in 13 plants across the country.

At present we are looking to invest in four MSW incineration plants within the next 3-4 years to utilize 5000 tons/day total waste which is the reject portion after mechanical sorting of biodegradable organics. The average heat value is 2000 kcal / kg

We are looking for a solution partner for typical plant size 2x500 tons/day moving grate type incine
Hello Dear Sirs!
Let me introduce our company.
Simatek Company is an official engineering partner of Siemens AG. The constant staff of the company includes electrical engineers, power engineers, system engineers, programmers etc.
The company is divided on two departments: Industry and Energy Department. High qualification of our employees and using in the process of design the newest technical solutions allow us to solve non-standard tasks.
Our regular customers are Belenergo, BMZ, Belarusk
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