R&D Platform

III.Compute assisting engineering software


1.Flowing field analysis and calculation software by American Fluent

The FLUENT is the software package for general simulation software CFD provided by ANSYS-FLUENT, and it can be used for simulation of various complicated flows. At present, such software is widely used for simulation of various HRSG inlet duct, flowing field analysis for HRSG heated surface, distribution of waste boiler inside temperature field, speed field distribution and ash particle distribution.


2.Finite element analysis and calculation software by American ANSYS

The ANSYS is the analysis software for large general finite element with integration of structure, fluid body, electric field, magnetic field and sound field. At present such software is widely used for structure analysis and heat analysis for boilers and vessels.


3.Steel structure analysis and calculation software by American REI

In 2004, the company has purchased STAAD.Pro software from American REI, and such software can be used for steel structure design calculations for various furnaces and can also be used as supplementary and checking software for I-DEAS Master Series product.


4.Pipeline stress calculation software by American Bentley

The Bentley AutoPIPE is the pipeline stress calculation software for Windows operation platform, and such software includes pipeline stress calculation under static and dynamic conditions, pipeline support designs and equipment pipe nozzle load analysis.

In addition to the above mentioned engineering software, the company has also possessed many other engineering software such as general boiler thermal power calculation software provided by Denmark Volund, small boiler thermal power calculation software BoilerJS developed by the company in 2000, and three-dimension steel structure drawing design software by Finland TEKLA; and these software can provide technical support for the company product research and development and can provide development chance for the new product.

The product research and development is the company’s important working content, and the company leaders always keep concerns about the product research and development. At present, the company can provide complete set of engineering software and has established a research and development team composed of doctors, masters and engineers. The product research and development mainly include new product development and product improvement, and the detailed work includes the pre-stage investigation and argumentation for future developed product, the pre-stage design and later stage technical support for the new product, product-related development and the improvement and optimization to the available product.

According to the market demand and development requirement, the company has made lot of technical research and development to the coal chemical and coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and has made joint research about the heat transfer and structure with Zhejiang University, Xian Jiaotong University, Huadong Technology University and Zhejing Industry University. Meanwhile, the company has also made cooperation with several IGCC and coal chemical projects and has participated in the general heat balance designs and scheme optimizations.